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Laughs, Stories, and Live Music at the Barn at Conners Island

It doesn't always take a big stage, a big sound, or a huge laser show to bring joy to music lovers.  Sometimes the simple things in life are the most memorable.  Those attending The Barn at Conners Island experienced just that this past Saturday with country artist Andy Griggs as this weekend's guest.

The Barn at conners IslandThe Barn at Conners Island is a very spacious music venue permitting both indoor and outdoor seating.   With it's own unique character depicting a days when life was at a much slower pace and more simple.  A glance around the venue you will see antiques, old signs, as well as vintage gas pumps that give the place the feel of your typical country store commonly found in many places years ago around parts of the South.  Many hard hours of thought, design, and work can be observed in the recreation of this beautiful venue.


Jacob Yates at The Barn at Conners IslandMusic started off on Saturday at 6pm with an aspiring performer and writer Jacob Yates.  Jacob has been busy writing new songs and performing at various venues over the summer which includes The Barn at Conners Island.  At the end of his performance, Jacob received a standing ovation and much praise by the crowd afterwards as well as from Andy Griggs, whom he opened for.  His unique voice and style of singing is the exact reason we should expect to see more from Jacob in the future.


Andy Griggs - The Barn at Conners IslandAndy Griggs took the stage shortly around 7pm with an amazing acoustical performance of many well known songs.  Making the experience special was the listening room atmosphere with fans quietly listening to his songs and occasional requests being yelled out to which immediately he was happy to fulfill.  Along with the songs varying from country, blues, and spiritual, came stories behind some of the songs, sharing experiences around Andy's career, stories about family, as well as interaction with the crowd.


For more pictures from others as well as more information on upcoming shows and ticket availability, visit The Barn at Conners Island Facebook page.

The Barn at Conners Island - Film Cutter Studios