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5/03/2021 - 7pm - Eye on Jamz

Eye on Jamz Eye on Jamz

The boss said the show wouldn't last 10 episodes, well this week Eye On Jamz will be celebrating its 100th episode. Now on to 200.

Great music for tonight's program including music from Niki J. Crawford, Tough On Fridays, Modern Mimes, Jack & Daisy Brother Bicker Band, The Almas, If By Whiskey, Fighting for Frequency, RAGS AND RICHES, and much more.

Eye on Jamz powered by ION Indie Magazine is a weekly syndicated radio program hosted by Tim Board.

A huge thanks to the stations that carry Eye on Jamz and more importantly support indie music.

Tune in to Alabama Jams on Mondays at 7pm with Eye on Jamz! 

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