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6/25/2021 - "In the House" at The Grinder House - Rebecca and Vince Jozwiak

In the House at the Grinder House In the House at the Grinder House

"In the House" at the Grinder House is broadcast live on Alabama Jams every Friday from 6-8pm central.

With busy professional lives, this dad and daughter duo have just relatively recently been playing together. They encourage one another to craft original music as well as pay homage to interpretations of timeless and obscure classics.
In addition to having a solo singer/songwriter project, Rebecca is the lead singer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist in the post-punk/electro band Signals and Alibis. Rebecca has also recorded and performed with various Rock/Americana Ft. Worth outfits, including Redwine and Roses and Matthew Lane. Her band has garnered favorable reviews in the Dallas/Ft. Worth music scene, having been nominated for best band recognition on several occasions. Rebecca's voice has been described as "ethereal" and "dreamy." Her day job has nothing to do with music and keeps her busy serving the librarian and educator community.
Vince is a long-time crooner and guitarist, but only started performing again since moving to the area in the early 2000s. Mostly a cover musician who plays with local country bands, Vince has endeavored to write several original songs in the past few years. His influences include Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and George Jones. Vince is retired military, having spent a lifetime of service to the US government and he now enjoys spending time with his family.
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