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6/22/2021 - 7pm - Midnight Madness Show - Jenny Johnson

When you hear the term “Americana” you may think of artists that sing songs about life and love expressed in a different manner than what you would hear on top 40 radio. There are diamonds found in the form of stories set to music. Jenny Johnson is a soulful, cutting edge artist and her music is a modern day twist on the singer/songwriter, guitar driven sound of the 1970’s that inspired her. Her belief is that you get what you pay for in this life and it is up to you to make a difference as a positive example to others. "Share your experiences of success and disappointments with no fear."  Her method of doing so is to write and sing about the triumphs and the tragedies of life, love,  and the pursuit thereof. She began writing songs at the age of 18 and since the early 2000's she’s taken every opportunity to learn the craft by performing and co-writing with other artists in Nashville and surrounding areas. Her third studio release of new music, “Sage”, is now available on all streaming platforms. “Singing is how I speak best to others, and I believe that I have the ability to share my adventures in a way that everyone appreciates and understands." 

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