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8/28/2021 - Andy Griggs to perform at The Barn at Conners Island

In the House at the Grinder House In the House at the Grinder House

There are many venues to enjoy music in many corners of the world, but finding the venues that are rare gems makes the experience and memories even more special.  The Barn at Conners Island is one of those special Gems.  The venue started has hosted a variety of concerts this year ranging from gospel, bluegrass and country.  This Saturday, The Barn at Conners Island will have country performer Andy Griggs taking the stage.  

Well known for his songs "You Won't Ever be Lonely" and "She's More", Andy is an icon for many country music fans working alongside prominent performers including Martina McBride, Waylon Jennings, and many others.  Returning to The Barn at Conners island is Jacob Yates, who will be opening for Andy Griggs.  Jacob, a songwriter and performer, has been spending this year playing a variety of venues opening for John Schneider and Cody McCarver.  Jacob takes the stage at 6pm and Andy will follow at 7pm.

For more information and ticket availability, visit The Barn at Conners Island Facebook page.

The Barn at Conners Island - Film Cutter Studios